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A Dark Souls Short story for my followers and lovers of Dark Souls

A quilt ridden thief sits silently in a small cell within the confines of the undead asylum waiting and biding his time. The thief decided that the time has come and he stood up his last lock pick in hand and walked towards his locked cell door. The last seven attempts to pick the old lock on the door had failed miserably and this was his last chance to escape this prison he had been placed in. The thief carefully slid the lock picks into the lock and start to fiddle with it and he heard the first of the three small clicks that symbolized his escape of this rotting cell. As he continued to carefully pick at the lock he heard the second click and his heart started to beat faster and faster and thoughts of freedom filled his mind. He fought to control his mind and once he managed that he continued to carefully pick at the lock and then he heard the last click and he removed his lock pick and shoved the rusted metal door open and it opened slowly. The thief then stood there a second and started to run forwards toward the exit freedom was in sight he could smell the scent of fresh flowers on the wind. Just a few more steps and he would be free the thief thought unknowing that a large shadow had appeared around him. He reached the door and started to push the heavy doors open but then he heard a large crash behind him, he spun around and was greeted by the sight of a large hammer crashing down upon him killing him instantly the Asylum Demon had claimed another victim.

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